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There's always a desk for great talents!

Challenge yourself, learn new skills, and work with an inspiring crew to shape the future of this digital world. If it sounds like you, get in touch.

Starter Kit

We surprise our new joiners with exciting goodies to kick-start their career journey with us. 

Wellness Program

Prevention is better than cure so we care for you. Scheduled screening of your health

at no cost. 

Paid Sick Leave

Health is wealth. More than stressing sickness further with less productivity, it's better to rest and revert fully energized.

Skill Development

Upskill yourself and the learning curve is forever upward. We invest in your skills and knowledge - focus on the world’s valuable certifications. 

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Employee Recognition

We have a points-based rewards system that you can redeem anytime in the form of your loved brand coupons.

Fun & Games

Regular virtual team sessions to network and gather memories. Nothing lasts except our mates and we make sure everyone’s present.

Health Insurance

Keep yourself & your family equipped with the best-covered health insurance & never worry financially when you’ve to spread love & care. 

Tuition Reimbursement

Why not a master's/doctorate to your qualification? We’re ready to pay your tuition fees and let’s march towards an educated globally. 

Entertainment Subscription

We’re a team of movie buffs to fuel our creativity so get your couch with a 2 mins ready popcorn.

Home Workspace Budget

Get your strong broadband and work desk lite ready to enhance productivity. Too noisy?

Our noise-reduction headphones will help.

Performance Bonus

Why wait for scheduled hikes? Show your talent spontaneously and get a bonus immediately. 

Diversity Program

No dilution - only inclusion. We freestyle our talent environment to mingle and maintain diversity.

Discounts & Cashbacks

Our partnering brands are lovely to provide discounts and cashback to our teammates on their products or services.

Paid Parental Leave

You’re becoming a family - we appreciate your promotion. Let’s enjoy and celebrate with you by contributing our minimal effort. 

Flexible Schedule

We’re in the digital era that revolves around 24/7 so you pick your work schedule. Our goals are target oriented and never minded until your timelines are met. 

Assistive Technologies

Our promising priority hiring access to differently-abled talents includes affording their accessibility tools like keyboard, mouse, voice assistive devices, software, etc. 


Our mentorship programs are well esteemed and prideful in skill development access. Most of our interns are now part of Fortune 500 companies and established MNCs globally. We focus on building human resources to the next best levels and scaling domain expertise based on individual interests.

Are you looking for a growth spectrum - check out the merits: 

  • Leading skill sets to pursue will be trained on the field. 

  • Industry’s best job-winning CV design. 

  • Certification of mentorship program completion. 

  • Letter of accomplishments (also known as LOR). 

  • Building a strong and influential portfolio. 

  • Can potentially, join Mas Vee Digital & continue your journey with us! 


Your Batches Could Be: Apply Today

  • Spring: March to May 

  • Summer: June to August 

  • Fall: September - November 


Content Writer


Business Development Manager

Sydney NSW, Australia

UI & UX Designer


Digital Marketer


Tally Tutor

Kerala, India

Social Media Manager

Sydney NSW, Australia

Chartered Accountant (CA) - Tutor

Kerala, India

Graphic Designer


HR Recruiter


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